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Vlogging from Home Office

How to Video Tutorials

Discover "The Living Room TV"! Now, you can run your own real commercial TV station from your Video Business Card. Change your TV background image to anything you fancy. 

Discover all the great features of your VBC Profile. Easily connect your VBC to any website or use it as your main place of contact.

Learn how easy it is to manage your VBC profile from your account dashboard. Always keep your information up to date for success!

Tired of drowning in a sea of paper business cards and Post-it notes? Fear not! Learn how you can stay organized with help from your VBC.

Get ready to shine on "National Member TV Station"! Join us on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire. Be part of our approved network TV stations. 

Check out the Video Business Card Search Engine! Unearth treasures and get discovered by the world.

Join The Video Business Card's Secret Marketplace! Sell your goodies, gear, and greatness with zero high priced shopping carts. 

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