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Build a Video Business Card
Empire By Just Clicking Share!

Easily Create Your Own Business Empire With Video Business Cards

Earn Thousands in Easy Recurring Revenue While You Kick Back in Your Hammock! Earn 35% of all sign ups. Ready to fire your boss?


We like to look at VBC as a member-owned platform. 
Anyone can easily succeed & build recurring profits. 


If you do the math members earn more than VBC does.

The referral share program was designed this way intentionally.

Whether you are a driven entrepreneur or a creator, your ship has come in!


Video Business Cards are growing at breakneck speed through Grass Roots Referrals. We spend very little on advertising. We put it back into the pockets of our passionate members. When you sign-up and start referring Video Business Cards to friends and co-workers, like magic, you start automatically building recurring revenue without even trying.

Earn recurring revenue when your friends & co-workers sign up. Unlike bogus programs, we designed this referral program, so you earn thousands in easy recurring revenue by default. All your friends and co-workers can do the same thing too. Imagine if all the social networks paid you for every friend who signed up! You'd be retired already. 

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