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The Digital Business Cards That Turn You Into a TV Star

The last business card and point of contact you'll ever need. Easily instantly share your contact information with clients, leads and friends. Upload videos and they stream directly on your own Roku, Apple TV, & Amazon Fire TV channel. Turn yourself and business into the household!

Video Business Cards connect to all TV networks

Stop Being Typical, Video Business Cards Will Turn You Into a TV Star

Websites are becoming the secondary point of contact; people demand a quicker and more straightforward way of learning more about who they do business with. Video Business Cards easily connect to your website or replace it. VBC profiles feature share-through-air technology, promote you on national TV for FREE, and give you a professional place where the world can find out everything about you. You'll love your Video Business Card so much that you'll recommend everyone get one. We'll even pay you to spread the word!


Easily Craft a Network TV Profile, Press a Button, and Magically You Are Promoting Yourself Across all Networks on your own branded TV channel. 

Video Business Cards connect to all TV networks

 VBCs are the fastest way to share "who you are" in a flash and feature 24/7 automated marketing. VBCs connect directly to Roku, Apple TV, & Amazon Fire through the Satellite TV Feed, allowing you to syndicate your business and contact information, videos, images, resumes, and coupons directly on national TV for FREE. Stream live events, infomercials, concerts, and sports, dazzle viewers with a video-on-demand center & even stream a live or pre-recorded commercial TV station just like CBS or ESPN, that's 100% branded to you.

Used By Top Broadcast Companies, Local Business Owners, Schools, Professionals, Celebrities, Artists, & Organizations. VBCs are priced right for everyone!

Read more features that will help you reach an altitude you never thought possible with your  networking, marketing, and automated advertising & promotion!

Digital Business Cards

Video Business Cards use NFC technology to wirelessly transmit your contact information to a phone's contacts, eliminating the need for paper business cards, and high printing costs.

Digital Business Cards and Virtual Brochures

Video Business Cards serve as digital media cards, virtual brochures, digital resumes, and audio & video podcast centers, all seamlessly connected to network TV. Be like Netflix and CBS.

stream a TV channel

Stream a real commercial TV station directly from your Video Business Card straight onto Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire. Reach viewers all over the world on your own branded TV channel.

Market and network your business with a Video Business Card

It's easy to create your Video Business Card media profile and keep it updated. Your VBC is the last place of contact, and business card you'll ever need.

Share all your information with a Video Business Card

No app to download. When you share your profile it opens in any browser. Campatible on all devices including PCs, Android, IOS, large screen TVs and more.

NFC Digital Video Business Card

NFC Cards make exchanging information extra easy.  However a NFC card is not required. Simply share your profile link via email, social media, text or QR code.

✔ From your Video Business Card, effortlessly broadcast diverse content, including sports, documentaries, concerts, infomercials, politics, shows, or live events on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and an extensive array of websites. ✔ Add event sponsor images to your network TV profile and keep 100% of the profits. ✔ Member & Group Chat Enjoy chatting with VBC movers and shakers yourself, or use VBCs to communicate privately with just your team. Upload attachments and enjoy the convenience of sending secure real-time communication. ✔ Broadcast a real commercial TV station directly from your Digital Video Business Card. Add your videos, press a button, and stream real TV seamlessly 24/7,  inserting weather forecasts, promos, station IDs, break-ins, commercials, and more, all automated while you're at the beach. Video Business Cards broadcasts a flawless TV feed, like CBS and NBC, to big-screen TVs, phones, and websites on all devices and top networks. ✔ Unlimited people can connect to your Video Business Card day and night leading to endless growth and opportunity. ✔ With an active VBC Membership, effortlessly promote your brand on over 400 TV channels such as Fox, CBS, ESPN, History, DIY, Paramount, E, NBC, and more. ✔ The days of buying paper cards and typing endless numbers are over forever. You are doing the enviroment a favor. ✔ Your VBC card arrives fully activated ready to start connecting. ✔ Amplify your Video Business Card's reach by seamlessly integrating it with various media platforms, spanning hundreds of TV channels, radio stations, and digital billboards nationwide. ✔ Generate revenue from offering your services and products in the member marketplace. ✔ Video Business Cards are powerful broadcast & marketing communication-based web apps that connect to any website or completely replace it. ✔ Instantly share your Video Business Card by text or email, or quickly post your card and TV feed on all social platforms. ✔ Search engine-driven SEO indexes you to the world so anyone can directly find your Video Business Card. It's the ultimate point of contact. ✔ Anyone can download your custom-branded dynamic QR code. ✔ Establish credibility and enhance your online presence by linking your Video Business Card to your website and securing an authoritative backlink. ✔ Video Business Card profile visitors can subscribe to your newsletter, with all email contacts securely stored within your Video Business Card dashboard. ✔ Offer private videos or pay-per-views. Keep your content behind a layer of security that only people you choose have a password to access or have paid for access. Perfect for employee training videos, family movies, or turning your video content into revenue. ✔ Broadcast your digital business card directly into your business to large-screen TVs. ✔ Add interactive restaurant menus. ✔ Snap a picture of traditional paper business cards and effortlessly upload them to your Video Business Card for convenient storage and easy search. ✔ Grow a fanbase with your own live-streaming Living Room TV and Radio on The Beach. Blow your audience away with a real TV and radio experience. ✔ Join any of Video Business Card's national TV channels and star in TV shows on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire. ✔ Add advertising to your profile and stream TV stations to generate advertising for profits. ✔ Earn unlimited recurring revenue by sharing your profile with friends and contacts. ✔ Boost profitability by offering content creators the chance to broadcast on your worldwide network TV station. Keep 100% of the revenue. ✔ Be discovered on the international VBC  search engine, increase leads sales, & grow revenue. ✔ Easily breakthrough to members that are usually difficult to access. ✔ Easy to share your Video Business Card with prospects, customers, family, and friends even while you vacation at the beach! ✔ Attach your Video Business Card to your custom-branded domain and forward it with a business email to match. ✔ Offer private videos or pay-per-views. Keep your content behind a layer of security that only people you choose have a password to access or have paid for access. ✔ Chat directly with other individual VBC members or create group chats. Custom features available.

On the Phone

Create a TV Profile All About You or Your Business 

Fitness Video

Your TV Profile Streams on Roku, Apple TV & Amazon Fire


Get Discovered on a  Prime TV Channel 100% Branded to You

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