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  • Why isn't there a FREE tier?
    When it's FREE you are the product. You're not here. Most importantly we promised network TV partners and major corporate members that Video Business Cards (like all the other platforms) wouldn't become plagued with bots and scammers. This helps eliminate this considerably, although we still heavily monitor the health of the member network and security.
  • Do you sell my information?
    NO. However we do worship the ground you walk on.
  • Do I have to broadcast on TV, radio etc.?
    Absolutely not. Many simply use their Video Business Cards for the incredible ease of sharing their information, messaging, connecting, making money and endless other non-broadcast related features.
  • Like the other social networks do you pummel me with advertising?
    No. As time has gone by top social networks have begun to pummel their users with ads everywhere imaginable. In sponsored messages, in timelines, in endless notification emails, pop ups, at the beginning and end of videos and more. What's next they'll paint your house with ads while you sleep. Video Business Cards is member owned and operated. The only ads you'll see are member placed ads on their own profile pages or videos. Members keep 100% of all generated revenue they generate from their success. Many make a mint.
  • Tell me about the Affiliate Program? You can't really pay me that much for each friend who joins!
    Yes the numbers are real. When you become a member of Video Business Cards the sky is the limit. There is a good chance you'll begin making more money with you Video Business Cards business than you do with your full-time job. It's easy to build a massive recurring revenue stream without even trying. Click here for our Affiliate Program page. We pay you $40 for each friend who joins and another $10 for anyone your friend has join. Example: 20 direct affiliates sign up in a week and they have 20 sign ups you earn $1000. That would recur each year. It couldn't be any easier to build an empire. We're member owned and operated and it's not about the money. It's about members helping members to succeed.
  • Can my Video Business Card really broadcast on TV, Radio, Billboards & Everywhere Online?
    Yes. It can also feed radio stations, digital billboard and thousand of online marketing outlets. It's the automated marketing solution you've been looking for that will change your life.
  • As a member can I sell my products and services in the "Secret Market Place?"
    Absolutely. We encourage you selling yourself to thousands of members. We do have hard costs on the transactions, you keep 95% of the money. After you do a great job for someone feel free to sell directly to them again and again. We don't need to be involved.
  • Do you have NFC one-tap technology so I can easily share my Video Business Card?
    We can't be cutting edge with out being cutting edge. We will send you an NFC chip at your request. Choose from a wallet chip or a business card size. Not sure what an NFC Chip is? Someone taps your phone or NFC chip and they can automatically download your App shortcut to their phone so them never lose your information. We make sharing your Video Business Cards, easy-peasy.
  • Can I broadcast on The Living Room TV and do Podcasts at The beach?
    Yes!!! You can do this depending on your membership level. It's not included with our basic membership because not everyone wants to do videos and podcasts; they only want to enjoy the rest of the VBC benefits. If you do want to broadcast, get creative and have fun!
  • What do you mean broadcast my own TV station on all OTT networks?
    That simply means if you'd like your video or audio content from your Video Business Cards to simulcast onto your own Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Android TV station we can do it! It will broadcast directly across The Satellite TV Feed to viewers all over the USA and the world all top networks. Your TV station will be found in the same searches as all the major TV networks. You can also broadcast a real TV experience, like CBS or ESPN, with a professional cloud-based playout system. You can even stream events live. We provide complete set up and training. Ask for affordable pricing.
  • What do you mean I can broadcast my own Radio Station?
    We harness an advanced playout system and provide full training and support. Easy peasy.
  • What do you mean "casting calls"?
    We invite you to have some fun while becoming an influencer. Video Business Cards have teamed up with networks and we have prime TV channel ready to hit the air. Some of our channels include, Business Television, Fitness Television, Solar TV, Church TV and so many more. It's a chance for you to show your stuff and become a personality on a major TV station on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Android TV.
  • Why don't you do more on other Social Sites?
    They advertise all over your stuff, people pay to send you personal messages, you get bombarded with endless notifications, robots, spammers, negative people, politics, competitors videos next to yours. Sounds like fun! Maybe we should. NOT. The difference is we're member owned and cool. 😎
  • Can I keep my profile, TV station and Radio Station Private?
    Of course. Only approve the ones you want to view your stuff. It's perfect for employee training videos, family videos, training courses, live events or anything you want to keep private. You can even charge a membership fee and only approve those who pay. You keep 100% of the money.
  • Can I charge people to access my private content?
    Yes, we will set it up for you. It will be simple for you to receive payments and easily add or remove subscribers.
  • Can I add other custom apps and things I need to my profile?
    Yes. You can add any app or functionality you need to your profile for business, selling tickets, passing credit card info and more. The sky is the limit. Just ask.
  • Do people need an account with Video Business Cards to share my information?
    No. Anyone can find | look for you on the VBC Search Engine and share you with anyone without having an account.
  • Do you have support if I need help?
    There's nothing worse than the feeling of being stranded and no one to reach out to. We offer one on one support whether it be email or phone. Since we're member owned and operated, your direct will help you or another member.
  • Who doesn't use Video Business Cards?
    Usually, people who don't take the time to learn about all the incredible features. We live in a world of 10 second attention spans. Those who don't take 10 minutes to learn and understand miss out.
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